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Wipe all elements in a form with Javascript

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Javascript has a nifty method associated with the form DOM object called reset(). Using this method will revert all values of the form's associated input controls to the values they contained when the page was last sent to the user's browser. That's great… but if you want to revert the values to nothing, then some scripting is required:

Javascript code:

function clearForm(formId)
	// confirm action
	if(!confirm("Are you sure you want to clear the form?"))

	var a; // iterator
	var whichForm = document.getElementById(formId); // form to clear
	var elementType; // "type" attribute of current element

	// reset the form (this will clear INPUT TYPE="file" controls)

	// clear INPUT elements
	var inputElements = whichForm.getElementsByTagName("input");

	for(a = 0; a < inputElements.length; elementType = inputElements[a++].attributes.getNamedAttribute("type"))
		// use proper clear behavior for given input type
			// TEXT inputs
			case "text":
			// HIDDEN inputs (may want to disable this)
			case "hidden":
				inputElements[a].value = "";
			// CHECKBOX inputs
			case "checkbox":
			// RADIO inputs
			case "radio":
				inputElements[a].checked = false;
			case default:

	// clear TEXTAREA elements
	var inputElements = whichForm.getElementsByTagName("textarea");
	for(a = 0; a < inputElements.length; inputElements[a++].value = "");

	// clear OPTIONs
	var inputElements = whichForm.getElementsByTagName("option");
	for(a = 0; a < inputElements.length; inputElements[a++].selected = false);

If you are using the hidden input controls for something other than tracking user input on the form, you may want to comment out the line case "hidden": in the switch(elementType) block.