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About me

I am a software engineer and textmode artist. I worked as a web developer in higher education for almost 15 years, but I have recently moved into the private sector to build microservices and cloud-native solutions. I enjoy solving problems and sharing what I have learned with others.

Latest stream

Converting Phaser3 "drop game" from JS to TypeScript and adding tweens

Fumbled a bit for what to do at first and then decided to convert my existing "drop game" from JS to TypeScript before refactoring the "sway" animation of the parachuting avatars to use tweens for a much smoother appearance. Shaking off …

Latest video

Supercharged JAM stack with Traefik proxy

Load balancing a JAM stack application suite from the ground up. Built with Traefik, nginx, Flask, and docker-compose. Static files are handled by nginx, freeing the web API (Flask) up to handle only dynamic content. The whole thing is …

Recent posts

  • Blog, documented


    At the risk of getting a bit meta, I'm posting about the blog… not even just about the blog, but about the blog's directory structure, configuration, and build process! I've just recently finished (and re-finished, and re-finished, and…) sprucing up the README file for this blog's source code repository on GitHub. I've made a vigorous effort to try and document the ways in which I have deviated from the Eleventy standard configuration, the reasons for my …

  • Ko-fi icon for FontAwesome


    FontAwesome is a pretty great resource. I use it extensively on this site. In addition to loads of useful UI icons, it also has a brands icon set, which you can see examples of in the "Socials" section of my site menu. What you …

  • Avatars for Twitch


    I've been experimenting recently with front-end-only Twitch overlays that use static files, the TMI JavaScript library, and localStorage. I feel comfortable enough with the pattern now and have enough faith in it that I have excised the …