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I am a software engineer and textmode artist. I worked as a web developer in higher education for almost 15 years, but I have recently moved into the private sector to build microservices and cloud-native solutions. I enjoy solving problems and sharing what I have learned with others.

Latest stream

Back on my textmode malarkey

After some indecisiveness, I started getting back into my Python asyncio SSH terminal server project, xthulu. Made some serious progress with the block editor UI widget after banging my head against a brick wall for a couple of hours. …

Latest video

That's a big owl #shorts

Look at the size of that damn thing

Recent posts

  • Blog, documented

    At the risk of getting a bit meta, I'm posting about the blog… not even just about the blog, but about the blog's directory structure, configuration, and build process! I've just recently finished (and re-finished, and re-finished, and…) sprucing up the README file for this blog's source code repository on GitHub. I've made a vigorous effort …

  • Ko-fi icon for FontAwesome

    FontAwesome is a pretty great resource. I use it extensively on this site. In addition to loads of useful UI icons, it also has a brands icon set, which you can see examples of in the "Socials" section of my site menu. What you …

  • Avatars for Twitch

    I've been experimenting recently with front-end-only Twitch overlays that use static files, the TMI JavaScript library, and localStorage. I feel comfortable enough with the pattern now and have enough faith in it that I have excised the …