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Photobucket thumbnail bookmarklet

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I've built a pretty simple little utility for turning the URL of an image hosted on Photobucket into a thumbnail which links to the full-sized image. I've designed one version for building bbCode (forum) mark-up, and one for building a basic HTML thumbnail link. Save the links below to use them:

bbCode Thumbnailer

HTML Thumbnailer

Have a look at the code yourself:

bbCode Thumbnailer:

javascript:i=prompt('Photobucket URL');void(prompt('Copy and paste this','[url='+i+'][img]'+i.replace(/\/([\^./]+?\.[\^./]+?)$/,'/th_$1')+'[/img][/url]'));[/js]

HTML Thumbnailer:

javascript: i = prompt("Photobucket URL");
void prompt(
	"Copy and paste this",
	"<a href='" +
		i +
		"'><img src='" +
		i.replace(/\/([\^./]+?\.[\^./]+?)$/, "/th_$1") +
		"' /></a>",