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rexCrawler and HelpfulHighlighter are now open source

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After having dipped my toe in the water of open source with some Arachni module changes and the development of a simple WordPress plugin, I've finally taken the plunge; two of my personal projects are now completely open source, and hosted on github. Much of the code is stale—and somewhat embarrassing—but I figured that it was high time I shrug off that self-defensive apprehension and use it as fuel to make me a better developer.

rexCrawler: Versatile, Windows-based file system searching tool that leverages regular expressions

HelpfulHighlighter: Adaptive Excel 2007/2010 AddIn for visually/mentally imparied users that will highlight the current row and column

*Excuses and thinly-veiled self deprecation:

rexCrawler was my first .NET project (of any kind) back in 2008, and has remained a VB.NET project to this day. (I made the shift to C# in my other work some time ago.) I've added a few new subtle-yet-meaningful features over the years—and squashed some bugs—but for the most part, its core code has never been truly refactored.

HelpfulHighlighter was written over the course of 3 days when I could find time away from work and school in an effort to help an occupational therapy patient being treated by my girlfriend. It served the patient's purpose, and has been untouched since.*