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scrollFollow: An auto-scrolling extender for knockout.js


With the following knockout.js extender, you can tie an observable array to a scrollable HTML element. When the array is updated, the element will keep scrolling to the bottom. It's smart enough to realize if the user has scrolled up, as well, and will not interrupt them. I've found this to be a useful mechanism for logs.


ko.extenders.scrollFollow = function (target, selector) {
    target.subscribe(function (newval) {
        var el = document.querySelector(selector);

        // the scroll bar is all the way down, so we know they want to follow the text
        if (el.scrollTop == el.scrollHeight - el.clientHeight) {
            // have to push our code outside of this thread since the text hasn't updated yet
            setTimeout(function () { el.scrollTop = el.scrollHeight - el.clientHeight; }, 0);

    return target;

Example usage

var viewModel = {
    someArray: ko.observableArray().extend({ scrollFollow: '#some_element' })