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Tribute: An Homage to My ASCII Heroes

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I don't generally write anything on here that isn't about code; I don't like to use this as any kind of a soapbox. To me, this site is about sharing tricks and solutions I've created or come across in software development. That being said, I am so incredibly proud of this thing that I've made—I can't help but shout about it from the mountaintops.

(TL;DR - Here's a link to the colly)

ANSI and ASCII art have been a personal hobby of mine for about 20 years now. I first got involved with it when I was 12 years old, dialing local bulletin board systems (BBS) and marveling at the art I would see in the door games of the era. In the following years, I would discover an entire world of underground artwork and artists to immerse myself in (and eventually become a part of).

This ASCII collection (or "colly", in scene parlance) is a series of logos dedicated to the artists from Remorse that inspired me early in my career as a textmode artist. I first began work on it in 2004, after which the circumstances of my life led me to drop it for long periods of time (years, in fact) and, eventually, to drop it altogether. A year or two ago, I got a wild itch to return to my old haunts as a spectator and check in on the world I once knew. To my surprise, it was still lively and inspiring (albeit much smaller). Before too long, my old hobby resurfaced entirely, and I was drawing once again. I did small, individual pieces at first, but then recently joined a regularly-releasing group Break!Ascii) and started getting really comfortable in my own skin again as an artist. I then returned to the colly.

As fate would have it, one of the major ANSI groups of today, Blocktronics, advertised their plans to release a tribute pack to one of the original groups that really pushed the boundaries of the art form, ACiD. I felt as though it was fate: my colly was a tribute to Remorse, the group I was initially inspired by; the group I later joined, and rose to senior staff during my tenure. Remorse is also, technically speaking, the ASCII "wing" of ACiD… sort of a sub-department. Serendipity! I quickly focused my efforts so that I could finish the collection before the Blocktronics release.

Well, here we are. I present to you my blood, sweat, and tears; my soul laid bare in 79 columns and 2,013 lines of text; an homage to my ASCII heroes.

Tribute: An Homage to My ASCII Heroes - A colly by haliphax of Remorse/ACiD

Blocktronics: ACiD Trip