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Lower-case specific query string keys with IIS URL Rewrite

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We're going through some normalization of URLs at my day job, which has necessitated some interesting rewrite rules for lower-casing specific query string keys. Essentially, we need to turn site=CampusName into site=campusname. After quite a bit of tinkering with IIS URL Rewrite rules, I managed to pull it off.

First, create a new rewrite rule which matches the URL pattern .*. This will ensure that we are able to re-use the entire URL (minus the query string, of course) when we redirect later down the line.

Now, on to the Conditions settings. To begin with, make sure that Track capture groups across conditions is enabled, and that the conditions set is configured to Match all. You will need two conditions: one to capture the target query string key, and one to determine if that key contains any upper-case letters.

To determine if there are any upper-case letters in the query string key:

{QUERY_STRING} contains \bsite=[^&]*[A-Z][^&]*

To capture the target query string key (notice the 3 capture groups?):

{QUERY_STRING} contains (.*)\bsite=([^&]+)(.*)

Finally, we will need to Redirect the user to the following URL with Include query string unchecked:


That last pattern injects any leading query string parameters, then a lower-cased version of the site parameter, and finally, the remainder of the query string. This ensures that the query string key does not change position due to this rewrite rule—a must-have for our specific project.

To make use of this rewrite pattern for a different query string key, simply use something other than "site" in the rules and conditions.