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Hosting my own git repositories

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I've run my own personal git service for several years now. Previously, it was with cgit on nginx and gitolite. I then modded cgit with some password maintenance features. After a while, I tried using several more "modern" git repo hosting solutions, and I've finally settled on gogs, the Go Git Service.

The reasons I've landed on gogs include:

  • It's compact and simple - installs and upgrades are a breeze thanks to Go
  • It includes SSH git-pack-receive support out-of-the-box
  • It has GitHub-like features such as issues, comments, pull requests, and more

I've taken the liberty of pushing copies of all of the repos I care about on GitHub over to my gogs instance. Any of those that I still update will be pushed to GitHub as well, but I'm trying to make gogs my primary repo source from here on out.