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FlaskBB development

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Lately, I've been getting involved with some Python-based forum software, FlaskBB. I had been running phpBB for one of my web games' forums, and it became overrun with bots. Given my attraction to Python over the last few years, I began searching for a new solution written in Python. FlaskBB seemed like a good fit, and it came with reCAPTCHA support out of the box. In addition to being fairly full-featured, it has a relatively straightforward plugin architecture.

I decided to containerize it (using Docker) and tweak a few things with my own custom plugins. First of all, since it will be running in a container and sitting behind an nginx proxy, I needed for it to use the Werkzeug ProxyFix middleware. On top of that, I wanted the memberlist, user profiles, and search functionality to be restricted to logged-in users on one of my forum installs. As such, I wrote some plugins to accomplish that.

If they sound useful then please give them a whirl. Enjoy!