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Tail for browser windows

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Have you ever been watching log output via a web application, and you just want your browser window to jump to the bottom of the document whenever new output shows up? Well, stranger, let me tell you, I certainly have. That's why I wrote a bookmarklet that does just that.

The first time you invoke it, it sets a variable in the window that it uses to jump on an interval (1 second) and does its thing. If you invoke it again on a page where it is already active, it will cancel the interval and delete the variable, ending the scrolling behavior.

Here's the raw javascript: URL if you want to paste it into your browser manually:

javascript:(function(d){if(window.hasOwnProperty('hx_tail')){clearInterval(hx_tail);delete hx_tail;alert('Disabled')}else{window.hx_tail=setInterval(function(){d.scrollTop=d.scrollTopMax},1000)}})(document.scrollingElement)

You may also drag 'n drop the following link to your bookmarks toolbar: