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A chat bot in your browser

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I've been tinkering with tmi.js (Twitch's messaging interface) in node as of late, and it occurred to me: the library works in the browser, as well! With this in my back pocket, I went off and built a tiny little chat bot as an experiment.

The bot responds with a random "thank you" emote whenever it sees the Stream Raiders bot, StreamCaptainBot, post about an epic or legendary unit being placed on the battlefield in the game. It accepts a username to assume, a channel to join, and an OAuth token to use as query string parameters to the single HTML page it lives on. You can load it up in a standard browser tab and leave it open while you stream, or you can add it as a hidden source in your streaming software of choice (e.g. OBS Studio).

It is my pleasure to present: the Stream Raiders thank-you bot! I've already tested it myself, and it works surprisingly well for ~30 lines of actual logic.

This is admittedly a small and inconsequential thing that I've built… but it is a proof of concept that has some very powerful suggestions as to what could be built next. Until then!