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  • Blog, documented

    At the risk of getting a bit meta, I'm posting about the blog… not even just about the blog, but about the blog's directory structure, configuration, and build process! I've just recently finished (and re-finished, and re-finished, …

  • Nexus Clash Dev Team

    Well, as happens perpetually, I have neglected my blog. This time, at least, I do have good reasons: I've been coding! Primarily, I have been developing quality-of-life features and refactoring legacy code for Nexus Clash, as I have …

  • The Sound of Silence

    I really haven't been giving this blog the tender love and care that it so truly deserves. I hope to change that in the near future. Then again, I know I've said that before oh-so-many times. What's different about this time? Placeholder …

  • Posts to resume shortly

    I've migrated the blog back over to my VPS, as my hosting provider has been trying to blame me for the poor performance of my scripts on their hosting platform. I've got everything running on my VPS machine now (and I do mean everything) …

  • Central repository

    I'm starting this blog for two reasons. First of all, I wanted somewhere that I could (try to) keep track of all of my programming projects/interests; sort of an "online notepad," if you will. Second, I figure maybe some of the …

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