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Nexus Clash UserScripts


Carrying on my rich tradition of shoehorning quality-of-life improvements into PBBGs, I've created a couple of UserScripts for the Nexus Clash browser game.

The first is an improvement to the Pets management panel which color-codes pets whose AP is running low and shows their decay time in both GMT and your local timezone. This has helped me with planning my MP budget to rejuvenate the pets. I know there is an automatic rejuvenation feature in the game, but having some manual control from time to time is nice.

The second is an improvement to the faction safe/footlocker interactions which will remember the last selected index and select it for you automatically on page load. This makes moving several items from a group/stack easier by saving you the step of having to re-select the same item in the dropdown each time.

They're both pretty simple, but they were fun to build and I made them to scratch my own itch. Maybe someone else will find them valuable, as well.