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Avatars for Twitch

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I've been experimenting recently with front-end-only Twitch overlays that use static files, the TMI JavaScript library, and localStorage. I feel comfortable enough with the pattern now and have enough faith in it that I have excised the "avatars" subsystem from my bot into its own, standalone overlay.

The overlay has feature parity with the previous avatars system and uses a game development engine, PhaserJS, at its core. This allows for easy, plug-in physics as well as the potential for extending the system at a later time to include various minigames! This is the direction I always wanted to take the original avatars system, and I'm excited at the prospect.

You can use the overlay yourself without hosting anything, as I've set it up in such a way that it can be easily hosted on GitHub Pages. It's currently hard-coded to 1920x1080 and expects to be rendered full-screen. There is also a "demo mode" available if you want to see how it looks/operates before going through the OAuth flow to get an authentication token.

hxavatars GitHub repository