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Tagged: css

  • Halfmoon CSS framework

    I've been using a CSS microframework, Shoelace, for a little while now in one of my hobby projects. Recently, they began releasing beta versions of their new version and I discovered that they are moving from a CSS microframework to a full-blown web component library. I wish them luck, but it's not …

  • ascii.js: A font-based rendering engine for ASCII artwork

    A long-standing and thoroughly-enjoyed hobby of mine is creating and consuming ASCII artwork (though not the kind of watered-down crap you would see in, say, an e-mail signature or a chain letter). I recently went on a wild tear after stumbling across a faithful recreation of the Amiga's Topaz 500 …

  • jQuery.imgradio Plugin v1.0 released

    The default HTML radio buttons and check boxes aren't the most aesthetically pleasing things in the world of web design. With this in mind, I have created a jQuery plugin that will replace those pesky <input /> elements with <span /> elements for your CSS styling pleasure. Under the hood, the original elements are still being used for storing the user's selection(s), so there's nothing extra for you to do when the form is submitted. Additionally, it can be configured to operate as a "rating" system—so that, for example, checking the 4th star in a 5-star list would swap the first 4 stars in the list to the "checked" state (visually speaking, at least… in the underlying radio buttons, only the 4th star would be selected).  …

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