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Tagged: image-editing

  • ASP.NET/C# image resizer for responsive layouts

    I will probably elaborate on this a bit further when I find some more time, but for now, this post is going to be mostly code. What I have here is a relatively simple way to generate images that are resized server-side based on the screen dimensions (note: not window dimensions) of the web browser requesting them. This way, you're not sending huge images to phones. Pair this with some CSS to scale your images to fit their containers, and you're cooking with gas!  …

  • PDF to TIFF batch conversion with ImageMagick

    I have recently been tasked at work to create a script that will convert PDF files to TIFF files to be used for annotation within our document imaging service. The script is responsible for the following process: Create back-up copies of each PDF Time-stamp those back-up copies Convert each PDF to a LZW-compressed TIFF image  …

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