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  • Simple file access concurrency in C#

    When working without the safety net of a RDBMS in a multi-user environment, file concurrency may become an issue. In a project I've been working on recently, XML files are being used as the custom data store. This is all fine and dandy …

  • Browser-independent XSLT with Javascript

    To piggy-back on the Javascript function to load an XML document: what can be done to load an XSL stylesheet and apply it to the XML? For the most part, loading it is a snap… but, as is often the case, Internet Explorer is the …

  • Browser-independent XPath with Javascript

    Now that you're able to load XML and transform it using an XSL stylesheet, wouldn't it be handy to also be able to perform XPath selects/functions on that XML outside of the stylesheet's formatting? Why, yes. Yes, it would:

  • Browser-independent XML load with Javascript

    XML data is, in a word, awesome. It's standardized, it's well-formatted, and there are XML parsing methods in nearly every major programming language–including Javascript. However, when using Javascript, the nasty problem of …

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