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Tagged: statusnet

  • What's My Status v1.2 released

    My WordPress microblog feed widget recently went through another update. This time around, I've added the ability to filter out replies and re-posts ("retweets" in Twitter lingo, "redents" in speak) from your activity feed. Pick up the new version from the WordPress …

  • What's My Status? v1.1 released

    My microblogging feed widget for WordPress, What's My Status?, has been updated. The plugin now uses curl for its main retrieval mechanism, with standard URL fopen as the fallback. Additionally, the Reset cache command has been fixed. You can grab the plugin for yourself over at the …

  • What's My Status? v1.0.0 released

    My first officially-recognized WordPress widget, What's My Status?, has been released! It is a widget for displaying a given user's status feed from, Twitter, or any other service that provides a Twitter-like API. There are several features in the works for future versions—such as inclusion and exclusion filters—but at its core, it is a simple, effective status feed widget that will intelligently convert @mentions, #hashtags, and URLs alike into clickable links. It is also prepared to cache the feed results, so it shouldn't step on anyone's toes with regard to API access limits.  …

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